Corkys Shoes and Sandals

With Corky's shoes you will always feel comfortable and stylish. Corky's provide flip flops, sandals, comfort shoes, as well and hand-painted leather shoes. Explore corky's shoes, and amire the artistic creativity!

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Corkys Elite Chattanooga

Women's Corkys Elite Chattanooga Flat Slide Sandal in Brown color
€79.99 €39.99

Corkys Elite Cincinatti

Women's Corkys Elite Cincinatti Sandal in Green color
€79.99 €64.99

Corkys Elite Kittie

Women's Corkys Elite Kittie Flat Slide Sandal in Blue Multi color
€79.99 €74.99

Corkys Elite Tampa

Women's Corkys Elite Tampa Sandal in Amber color
€79.99 €74.99

Corkys Elite Woods

Women's Corkys Elite Woods Clog Sandal in Chocolate Color
€79.99 €64.99