Flexsoles TIDE Air Mesh Slip-On Boat Shoe - Black

Flexsoles TIDE Air Mesh Slip-On Boat Shoe in Black Color
Brand: Flexsoles

Casual comfort Women’s TIDE boat shoe is perfect for casual strolls. Classic and stylish, the TIDE boat shoe features naturally soft materials that are light and breathable. Cooling vents help maintain dry foot environment and help prevent blisters by keeping your foot from sliding across the surface of the insole. Cutting-Edge materials and breathable fabrics, combined with modern and minimalist aesthetic designs, makes this style timeless in terms of fashion, and elemental part of Florida's Living!


  • Soft cushioned insoles help reduce muscle fatique and soreness.
  • Anti-Slip Texture of the insole deters excess foot motion and also promotes air circulation.
  • The breathability of the cooling vents fabric further ensures that feet remain dry and less prone to painful friction.
  • The inside surface of the shoe is lined with material and padded for anti-friction.
  • Padded tongue for Ultra Soft Comfort Around the Foot.
  • Excellent wet/dry traction in the most extreme conditions.
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