Sbicca Shoes and Sandals

Sbicca shoes features quality shoes that are uniquely hand-crafted and made in a factory in Los Angeles using the finest materials.  Sbicca footwear is 92 year old brand and has a proven successful track record of producing high quality footwear that is proudly MADE IN THE USA! Sbicca revolutionized the shoe business when they began producing their “Molded Unit Bottoms” out of polyurethane - a light weight, flexible bottom that is fashionable as well as comfortable. Their style selection include flip flops, sandals, platforms and wedges.

Sbicca shoe styles include double padded insoles, Genuine Leather uppers, or Hand-woven Jute uppers, Light weight, comfortable and flexible polyurethane unit bottoms. Sbicca has a history of high quality footwear with excellent fit.

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Sbicca Fate - Brown

Women's Sbicca Fate Wedge Sandal in Light Brown color
€72.00 €54.95

Sbicca Poolside

Women's Sbicca Poolside Wedge Sandal
€65.99 €49.95

Sbicca Vixen

Women's Sbicca Vixen Wedge Sandal in Natural Color
€67.00 €49.95